100% white quartz

Eco friendly

Natural Deodorant Applicator, crafted with the pure essence of nature - Quartz. Elevate your daily hygiene routine with this exquisite, eco-friendly applicator.

Disclaimer: Please exercise caution when handling this product as it is delicate!

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Construction: Our applicator is meticulously carved from genuine quartz, renowned for its purity and positive energy. Embrace the healing properties of this natural crystal while enjoying the benefits of a reliable deodorant application.

Sustainable: We prioritize sustainability, and our quartz applicator reflects this commitment. Reusable and durable, it's an eco-conscious choice that reduces waste and minimizes your environmental footprint.

Crystal Energy Infusion: Quartz is known for its positive energy and holistic healing properties. As you apply your favorite natural deodorant, allow the quartz to infuse its revitalizing energy, promoting a sense of balance and well-being throughout your day.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Beyond its functional benefits, the quartz applicator adds a touch of elegance to your vanity or grooming space. Its natural beauty and unique variations make each piece one-of-a-kind.

100% White quartz

1. Ensure your underarms are clean and dry before applying the natural deodorant. A shower or quick wash is ideal for optimum effectiveness.

2. Swipe a small amount of your natural deodorant onto the smooth surface of the Quartz applicator.

3. With the deodorant applied to the Quartz, gently glide the applicator over your underarms. If necessary, help spread the product into the skin with your fingers